Eternal Slumber

There’s just too much,

that time cannot erase.

Trapped by my demons,

a lonely place.

Sucked into the void,

cannot overcome these fears.

Swimming in,

 pools of tears.

Sink or swim,

or I’ll drown.

Queen removed,

without a crown.


cast out into the dark.

Its finally snuffed out,

my inner spark.

Left alone,

to fall under.

Water overtakes me,

eternal slumber.

Rush of blood,

and a little bit of pain.

Life seeping,

from my veins.

Guess I’ll never learn,

from my mistake.

My soul’s demons,

never to abate.

Sucked under,

I have drowned.

Death’s embrace,

my final crown.

Eternal Slumber.



Sitting here,

bathed in red.

Crown of fire,

encircles my head.

Sunset paints,

the world in fire.

I am ablaze,

the world my pyre.

Tired of waiting,

watching the world go bye.

Time for this star,

to rise into the sky.

A living ember,

a burning flame.

Unruly by nature,

cannot be tamed.

Beating the curse upon me,


Immortal flame,

no longer living in fragility.


has begun.

Im flying,

too close to the sun.

I burst into,


Eternal flame…

never to be tamed.

In Alignment

Feel the earth move,

drums resonate the beat.

Feel the earth swell,

beneath your feet.

Feel the earth quake,

for the dust begins to rise.

Feel the earth know,

for mother is wise.

Feel the earth connect,

for we are her child.

Feel the earth shift,

for she is untamed and wild.

We are her babe,

and we must rejoice,

Bask in mother earth’s glory,

for her provisions offer many a choice.

Become one with the mother,

do as she needs.

Let her spirit guide you,

and choke out earth’s weeds.


A year without your love,

is like a year without rain.

My heart ripping,

can not deny the pain.

Without you…

My world,

is an empty place.

Wandering the desert,

for a thousand days.

Without you…

A mirage of your face,

sends false chills up my spine.

Just scorching sand,

to call mine.

Without you…

I have lost my oasis,

in this sand trap.

I see the space between us,

an impassable gap.

Without you…

Alone in silence,

only the dunes hear my cries of pain.

Tears leave my eyes,

my body drained.

I have withered away,

from a year without rain.


This love,

will be my victory.


the inferior man.


you can barely stand.

I hold all,

the cards.

I love,

much too hard.

Cast you,

into my net.

I got,

no regrets.

Come and get it,

I say.

Your’e too weak,

to stay away.

This love,

your beautiful nightmare.

Your’e too drawn in,

to care.

My love,

gives my prey sweet misery.


This Love,

Will be the death of me.


seeping from me.


my fragile mortality.


are you.


without a clue.

I know,

because you love me so.

I feel,

my life force going low.


we have become.

Love’s consequences,

cannot come undone.

I cant tell you,

to stop it.

Because I,

love it.

With sin,

comes a price.

Abstinence won’t suffice.

This love,

isn’t finished yet.

Until I wither,

with lust this is what you get.

You have me,

in the palm of your hand.

Dying in ignorant bliss,

ingrained in time’s eternal sands.

At least I know I will…

Die happily.

Forbidden Affair

Beneath the branches,

of a magnolia tree.

Overcasting shade,

warm summer breeze.

Refreshing Mint juleps,

in cups of silver.

Those wet spring days,

gave way to summer.

Warm sun,

baking the earth.

Awaking the buds,

scents burst forth.

Winds carrying,

messages of passion.

Southern gentleman,

acting in orderly fashion.

Whisked away,

by forbidden lust.

Underneath the sun,

overpowered by his musk.

Warm summer days,

alighted my passion.

Will not deny,

an everlasting passion.

Forbidden love.


If I had a voice,

would anyone listen.

Mute human,

with tears that glisten.

If I could scream,

from the top of a mountain.

Would anyone hear,

words pouring out like a fountain.


in the sea of man.


we cannon’t stand.


is not golden.


voice stolen.

No words,

no rhyme.

Just wasting,

life’s precious time.

Solitude in Silence.



When i rise,

to meet my challenge.

To alight upon,

heaven’s steps.

Mission begun…

Rising above,

internal pain.

Loving thyself,

grace to gain.

Rising to,

heavens above.

Peace within,

myself to love.

Learning life’s,

greatest teaching.

All starts out,

with evils receding.

Must find,

the inner peace.

So I may fly above,

the tops of trees.

Ascension begun,

on wings of a dove.

Must complete quest,

of self love.

Mission completed.

Barred Identity

Society’s prison,

caged me in,

Barred from self,

I hold within.


in this place.

I cant smile,

so I paint on a face.


is my life.

Newborn babe,

born with strife.

Societal chains,

bringing me down.

Gravity pulling me under,

beginning to drown.

No hope,

to survive.

Society cast me out,

to the side.